The Room Where It Happens

“Culture” is the ultimate buzzword, it can create dynasties or cripple and break up talented teams. Locker room culture is crucial in how a team blends and develops. Getting a perfect balance is something every coach and captain strives for. But this begs the question, what exactly makes a great locker room? Here is what coaches and players from a variety of sports at Northeastern University had to say.

By Rohan Chaturvedi

After talking to athletes and coaches across four different sports, it’s clear that having accountability, a drive to work hard and support one another are the real fundamentals of having a truly great locker room – whether the locker room is one tiny area, spread out across three rooms, or on a pool deck. With the world how it is today, the teams have seen a threat to how they bond together, but it only seems appropriate that, as they do in their respective sports, they’ve risen to adversity and kept their locker rooms tight knit and united, and ready for competition to return.