Red & Black History

Dissatisfied with the way Northeastern Athletics was covered, the original idea for a Northeastern athletics magazine was conceived in the dorm rooms of Stetson East in April 2017. One year later, The Red & Black officially launched with the first ever issue on April 20, 2018.

With a founding staff size of just 11 full-time members, The Red & Black set out to become a hybrid of The Players’ Tribune and Sports Illustrated for Northeastern Athletics. With the influence of The Players’ Tribune, The Red & Black has seen First Person Stories published from over 20 different athletes and one coach, encompassing nearly every Northeastern varsity athletic program, in addition to club teams as well.

On July 15, 2020, The Howl podcast was created to serve as an extension of the unique athlete-led storytelling that has always been the mission of The Red & Black. The first ever episode is a crossover special with Northeastern Athletics’ Howlin’ Huskies Podcast.

The Red & Black has enjoyed a tremendous mutually beneficial relationship with the Northeastern Athletics Department. At the Inaugural Howlin’ Huskies Awards Show, broadcast on NESN, The Red & Black presented “The Red & Black Dedication Award” – given to the male and female athlete deemed most dedicated to their sport and their Northeastern academic and athletic lives, as determined by their peers. It is the only award determined by the student-athletic body.

The Red & Black has also seen several of its stories featured in the Northeastern Athletics TV Show: “Tales of the Howlin’ Huskies.” In addition to having several stories converted to the popular NESN TV series, The Red & Black itself was a main feature in season two, episode four.