The Howl Podcast

The Red & Black’s podcast – The Howl – serves as an extension of the unique athlete-led storytelling that has always been the mission of The Red & Black.

Episode 2: Omar Da Naia (MSOC) and NU Athletic Director Jeff Konya – March 30, 2021
Based on our 2020 story, “Tattoo Tours”, our very own Nicole Reading and Sarah Olender speak with Men’s Soccer player, Omar Da Naia, and Northeastern University Athletic Director, Jeff Konya, about the intersection of art, self-expression, and sport.

Episode 1: Lauren MacInnis (WHKY) and Grace Moore (WSOC) – July 15, 2020
Based on Lauren’s first person story, “Like Father, Like Daughter,” this episode dives into what it was like growing up in high level athletic families. We speak with Lauren about her dad, NHL Hall of Fame defenseman Al MacInnis, and with Grace Moore, whose parents both played Division I sports at Army West Point.