The “My Story Matters” Collection

For Day 1 of the 2020 NCAA Diversity and Inclusion Social Media Campaign, The Red & Black partnered with four Northeastern student-athletes to help tell the stories of their identities, perspectives, and experiences.

Each story is a deeply personal account written by the athlete themselves. The four pieces of the “My Story Matters” collection are below:

“On the Path to Allah” by Adama Kaba – Men’s Soccer
In a spiritual journey, Adama writes about how his conversion to Islam gave him a closer connection to God, and his own teammates.

“The Roots of Change” by Khailah N-R Griffin – Track and Field
Inequality and injustice are everywhere and while the world isn’t the utopia her younger self hoped for, NUBAC co-founder Khailah Griffin challenges everyone to help create a better world for you, your community, and the next generation.

“Running Out in the Open” by Luke Novak – Cross Country
Luke reflects on his experience on coming out as bisexual and how he is paying it forward in continuing to create a new, more accepting culture in sports for the LGBTQ+ community.

“The Box Labeled “Other”” by Sammi Pak – Field Hockey
The multiracial experience and the process of learning to accept and love all parts of your identity.